Yaradua Vs Buhari’s Health : ‘It’s Like Comparing Orange To Apples’ – Lai Mohammed

During a press briefing on the FEC meeting that held earlier today, Nigeria’s minister for cuture and information, Lai Mohammed reassured Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari was not sick, adding that he was ‘alive and well’.

Despite the president’s extended medical trip, Mohammed added that the fact that all the ministers were performing optimally, it is a sign that the president was ‘hale and hearty’.

In his words;

“Do you think we will be consulting our business like this if Mr. President is ill? He (pointing to Minister of Power, Babatunde Fashola) was in Anambra last week, I was in Kwara yesterday, all our ministers are busy doing their work. Mr. President is well and is absolutely not in danger.I can say without any hesitation that Mr. President is well, is hale and hearty. No question about that.”

Mohammed’s statements are in line with those of the acting president, Yemi osinbajo, who told newsmen earlier in the week that the president was in good health, adding that they had spoken over the phone.

But these statements are contrary to those of some top government officials like Governor Bindow of Adamawa, who called on Nigerians to pray for Buhari’s health. Mohammed also took time to respond to questions posed to him by journalists reminding him of his stance and statements when former president, Umar yar’adua was sick, as it can be recalled that he openly stated that the president’s handlers should give hourly updates on the president’s health.

Mohammed said that comparing both times was like comparing ‘oranges to apples’, adding that Buhari’s health was not in danger so there was no need to give any bulletin about his health.

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