I Wish The Song Will Just Go Away – Asa Shades Popular Nigerian Bank

Singer Asa, seems to have no chill whatsoever when it comes to certain tweets.

The talented singer, who responded to a tweet from a fan today, has left many dazed with her response on teh social media platform.

The fan had tweeted at Asa saying:

Have you guys @gtbank thanked @Asa_official enough for the “place to be ” song.
The song is beautiful.

— Donquixote (@mrDianose) March 10, 2017

Asa responded to the tweet writing:

I wish that song will just go away already,not sure I will like to be associated with the bank tbh https://t.co/xIg8pvO5fR

— Asa (@Asa_official) March 10, 2017

What do you guys think of this tweet?

Share your thoughts below.

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