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Staff Of Kogi State Scholarship Board Tortures Her Niece With A Hot Stone For Sneaking Out To Go To School

Look at this woman, take a good look at her face, zoom the picture properly and digest her face. Have you done that? Good. That is the face of pure evil, Crude and Unrefined wickedness.
This is Mrs Rebecca Omacho. She is the Executive Secretary, Kogi State Scholarship Board. Living with Mrs Rebecca is her little niece Favor whom she stopped from going to school. Favor had to sneak out to attend school, and when she got back, The evil Rebecca acted out her crude wickedness.

She put a stone on the fire, and allowed it to get hot very, she removed it with a napkin and placed it on little Favor’s leg, resulting in severe burns to her leg. Surprisingly, this wicked women was begging that photos of her shouldn’t be made public as it will affect her career, she only has one year to retire from the civil service. Of course, her plea was rejected by the authorities of the ministry of women affairs and Social Development.

The case has since been reported to the police for further investigation. This is pure evil, how can a woman ever nurture such idea towards any human being, let alone a child. Nawa o.

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