Motivational Quotes

O.M.G! you cant believe this! How to get a Sugar Daddy! Number 5 will shock you

1)Wake up one early morning.
yea, you are healthy and hearty.
2)Walk straight to the bathroom,
brush your teeth and shower
3)Towel your body, walk back to
your bedroom, lotion your body
mildly, put on your favorite
clothe, apply your make-up and
don’t forget to wear that high
fragrance perfume of yours.
(wow! You are looking gorgeous)
4)Step out of your house, wait
for a cab at the near by bus-
5)Go to any Shop-rite nearest to
you or any Shopping Mall..
6)Walk in majestically, buy
three packets of Golden Penny
white cube Sugar, a pink
coloured bowel and two bottles
of Eva water.
7)Go back home, empty the
packets of sugar in the pink
coloured bowel and mix it with
the Eva water. (stir vigorously)
8)Store in a cool dry place
9) Finally, wait until your Dad is
fast asleep and pour it on him..
(Hurray!!!, you just have a
“Sugar Daddy”).
Don’t Thank me,, what are
friends for?

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