Man rubs hot pepper on wife’s pants after finding 2 used condoms in her bag

husband from Zambia found a pair of used condoms in his wife’s handbag and decided to punish his unfaithful wife by rubbing hot chilli on his wife’s underwear.

Narrating her ordeal in a fully-packed court, Nellie Simambo, 30, of Matero Township in Lusaka tearfully recounted how the incident resulted in the swelling of her private parts.

She said her husband was always suspecting her of having extramarital affairs which led him to rubbing chilli into her underwear.

She added that her husband was also a violent man who beat her regularly for no apparent reason.

Nellie who has sued her husband for divorce explained that her husband recently tried to kill her in

her sleep,leaving her with a swollen neck.

She said her husband also slept with a knife in his pocket and always threatened to kill her.

“I am tired of this man and I am afraid if I continue staying with him he will kill me because he moves with a knife in his pocket,” she said.

Times of Zambia reports that in defence Smart Simambo told the court that his wife was having extra-marital affairs which were the source of the couple’s martial disputes.

He said when he found two used condoms in her handbag, he confronted her to explain how the condoms got into her bag.

Smart accused his wife of being disrespectful, insulting him in the presence of their children and sexually denying him.

“My wife has also denied me sex for the past five months and yet she has the audacity to come home with used condoms in her bag,” he said.

Magistrate Pauline Newa granted the couple divorce and ordered Smart to compensate Nellie with K8,000. Custody of the children was given to Nellie while Smart was ordered to provide K500 per month for their support.

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