HIV+ South African Man Looking For HIV+ Chic To Settle Down With

Awww, this guy is a good guy. Some guys who will receive punishment on earth and in heaven except they change, will just know their status and just chill. Chill in the sense that, they won’t tell no one and will keep hitting ladies RAW. So you see that they will be punished on earth and in heaven? Lol. But the case of Uhuru Kheta isn’t so. The handsome dude found out he was HIV+ last month and he isn’t ready to share it, but ready to get down with a woman in his status and ofcus start their own family.

He has gotten over 1000 retweets, but no chic yet. I guess people need to continue to help him retweet. But the truth is, if he truly wants a spouse, it’s simple. He should go to their health centres, doctors there know ladies of his calibre who are also HIV+ and can link them up. Infact, he will even get more than one option and have a chance of choosing. You think only few people are HIV+?, fam, please read it up, you will be shocked. That’s why I fear for girls who EFF random guys raw, fear for people who carelessly use other people’s objects without thinking twice.

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