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‘How I was duped by Nigerianbank, blocked by its social media team’

– An aggrieved Nigerian has narrated how he was duped by a Nigerian bank, blocked by its social media team- He was just got blocked for speaking up against impunity in the Unity BankI just got blocked for speaking up against impunity in the Unity Bank. Three weeks ago, my mum used the bank’s Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and her account was debited while the machine failed to dispense. A whooping sum of eighteen thousand (in this recession) was carted away by the bank’s ATM.After twenty-four hours, Unity Bank failed to reverse the error, she did the needful by filling the ATM dispense errorform at the Gtbank.After three weeks, I engaged the bank’s social media team and after 14 hours, they called me on phone. The lady who spoke to me displayed lack of skills for such an important position, I almost toldher to resign. She assured me that they would treat my complaint.After a short while, I received a mail informing me of the procedures that I have exhausted. I went on twitter (@OTolulope) to lecture them a bit.They started asking unreasonable questions but I didn’t fall for it. I treated them with diplomacy.Alas! Unity bank blocked me from sending them private messages on Facebook and twitter.I showed them the evidence that the problem was from their end. I will fight impunity with the last drop of blood in me. I have reported them to media houses let the change begins with Unity Bank.

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