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The management of Benue State University, Markurdi (BSU) has released the 2016/2017 academic calendar for regular students and the 1st semester calendar for sandwich students.The breakdown is as indicated on the table below;S/NODATE EVENT DURATION/REMARKS1. Monday, 20th February, 2017 – Friday, 3rd March, 2017Screening/Registration of Fresh Students2 weeks
2. Monday, 27th February, 2017 – Friday, 3rdMarch, 2017Registration for Returning Students1 week3. Monday 6th March, 2017 – Friday, 10th March, 2017Late Registration/Lectures1week4 Monday 13th March, 2017Departmental Boards meet on Second Semester2015/2016 Session Undergraduate Results1 week after resumption.
5 Monday 20th March, 2017Faculty Boards Meet on Results2 weeks after resumption.6 Monday 27th March, 2017Departmental Postgraduate Committeesmeet on Results3 weeks after resumption.7 Thursday 30th March, 2017Senate meets on Undergraduate Results3.3 weeks after resumption.8 Monday 3rd April, 2017Faculty Postgraduate Committee meets on Results4 weeks after resumption.9 Monday 10th April, 2017Postgraduate School Board meet on Results5 weeks after resumption.10 Thursday 13th April, 2017Senate Meets on Postgraduate Results5.3 weeks after resumption.11 Monday 13th March, 2017 – Thursday 6thApril, 2017LECTURES 3.3 Weeks12 Friday 7th April, 2017- Friday 21st April, 2017Easter break/Sandwich Lectures2 Weeks13. Thursday 6th April, 2017Add/Drop ElectivesEnd of Add/Delete Electives14. Friday 28thApril, 2017Matriculation of Fresh Students8.3 Weeks after Commencement of Lectures15. Monday 8th May, 2017- Friday 12th May, 2017Continuous Assessment/Lectures1 Week16. Monday 24thApril, 2017 – Friday 9th June, 2017LECTURES 7 WEEKS17. Monday 12th June, 2017 – Wednesday 14th June, 2017Semester Examination: GST/EPS Courses0.3 Week18. Thursday 15th June, 2017 – Saturday 30th June,2017Other Undergraduate Courses2 Weeks19. Monday 3rd July, 2017 – Saturday 15th July, 2017Semester Examination Postgraduate Courses2 Weeks20. TOTAL DURATION18 WeeksNational public holidays: 8th March, Women’s day, 14th and 17th April, Good Friday and Easter Mondayrespectively, 1st May, Workers day, 27th May, Children’s day, 29th May, Democracy day and 26th June, Eid-el-Fitri. These dates are subject to confirmation by the Federal Government.

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