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5 ways to save your phone when it falls in water

Your smartphone dropping in water doesn’tmean the end of it. Although smartphones are not waterproofed, you can still rescue it. The most important thingis that you should apply these tips shared by Jumia Travel, the leadingonline booking agency tosave your phone. It is no gainsaying that water and phones are enemies.Mr. Water is always happy to destroy your phone.Don’t press anything after taking it out of waterThe first thing you shoulddo is to remove your smartphone from the water. You know right? Importantly, don’t do anything like turning it on, press any keys, nor blow it. You should not do any of this if you are serious about saving your phone.Open the back and remove the batteryThe next thing you should do immediately you remove your phone from water is to carefullyremove the battery.5 ways to save your phone when it falls in waterTake out other removable partsFor those whose batteries are not detachable from their phones, they should simply remove their SIM cards and memory cards. You should also do same even if you can detach your battery.Dry your phoneThere are different waysto dry your phone. The first one that comes to mind is the sun. But there are other ways. You can use a vacuum, or use uncooked rice. Using uncooked rice is the fastest option to dry your phone. The rice will soak the moisture and dry your phone.Your phone should power on. If it doesn’t power on, you should charge it. If it still doesn’tpower on, you can leave it for a day or two. This will help the phone to fully recover and power on.You should take it to yourengineer if…After a day or two, and it doesn’t still work, you should take it to your engineer for diagnoses. He should do his magic but it may cost you somemoney. But don’t just give your phone to anyone. You should havea friend who is experienced in phone repairs.

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